When I think about the word News I think of the word New. And when I think of the word New I think of Sam Phillips of Sun Records, Memphis Tennessee. His question for all artists who walked into his now sainted studio, Sun Studios (1950-1959), was, "Have anything NEW for me today?" As in, anything really New and not sounding like everything else?
To put music back into the driver's seat, all of us involved with music need to re-issue Sam Phillips evergreen question.

But News?
Keeping up with news is a total hamster wheel, treadmill proposition. While glassWing remains a public studio, the recent gift of a grant from the wonderful folks at Creative BC to me (Richard Sales) has been like giving a very hungry homeless man 100 pounds of sugar. The last time I had this much time to produce my own music was 1999. Too many projects, too much other fun to be had, but now, almost seven decades in, I'm having a serious blast. This new gust of time has also made it possible to take the time to learn the 10,000 lbs of software and new hardware that I bought, figured out 'how to do what had to be done' and moved on. Many new softwares are way too deep. To really conquer some would take me a year or so. Don't have a year to spend on one software - I'm a musician, not a tech - but I'm making good headway on a bunch of them. So the good news is? Deep progress is happening. Amazing discoveries in all things, from new ways of arranging music to making it sound even better is the happy news from glassWing these days.

One of the great things about getting old is finally getting a total grasp on priorities. Money and toys are great, but as the hour glass gets emptier, you realize TIME is the ultimate wealth. So my current outlook is, Make as much music as I can while the fingers and mind are still functioning. I will continue to do Hayley to my last dying breath, but I will only consider other music if it shows blatant promise of changing the world.

Anyhow, don't bank on a weekly, monthly, or decadely update of news. Too busy having fun.