About us
glassWing studios started in 1982.

$75 per hour. No Block rates. Currently booked until 2019

GlassWing is on Vancouver Island. Richard Sales is the janitor, engineer, carpenter, electrician, designer, repairman (tractors, artists) producer and promoter. It's a public studio.

GlassWing started outside Washington DC with a satellite in San Francisco. Moved to Portland Oregon 1990. Vancouver Island 2003.
It's on our photogenic organic blueberry farm (Good Nature Farms). Bears and mountain lions are our security guards.

We've made hit records for Universal Music Canada, Verve Universal USA, Lightning Rod and a multitude of others. We've made music for NPR (very popular custom songs), Nike, ESPN, PBS, Omnimax theaters and many others. We've recorded Miles Davis (with Jim Smith), Danny Gatton, John Fahey (both Rolling Stone's Top 100 Guitarists), wrote music for the Grateful Dead's last Chinese New Years show. And, of course, we've produced the unsinkable tornado of talent, Hayley Sales.
We've been extremely lucky.